A Food Donation


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We are working closely with Sunday Suppers, a group of people who help feed the homeless in Ipswich and Bury St Edmund's.

The current food shortage has caused huge issues for these guys as the food wastage which they normally collect from supermarkets has almost dried up!

The Drop In Centre has now closed.

This has left the guys and the Ipswich bus the job of working this out alone, cooking food and distributing it themselves, or making up food parcels to be given out.

We have put a box in the shop for people to donate items for this cause, veg that can be cooked or fruit for the parcels is great for them. This will be delivered daily to the team so they have fresh produce to use.

They have a desperate need for coffee and long life milk which we cannot supply but could give the money for if we can raise any.

To give people the opportunity to help these guys i have added a £1 donation button which will be used for products to go into the donation box or money given to them for anything they need, they also purchase the cups and forks themselves at the moment as there is no other way to distribute.

Anyone wishing to meet these guys can do so on a Wednesday evening around 7 ish, the Ipswich bus will be outside Marks and Spencer's in Bury St Edmund's. This is every Wednesday.

We would be very grateful and I'm sure they most definitely will be if any one can help, small amounts will help massively!