Feed and Bedding

A Chicken Rescue!



We now have some more Hyline Plus ladies which will be joining us on the 16th May, these girls are 72 weeks old, and most are laying and looking for there forever home. Small fee of £5 per bird is required to cover our costs and charges from the farm rescued from and staff costs required to cover during the re homing period.

Please email us on for a collection date/ time as soon to the drop off date as possible. The same day would be better or Call us on 07590211124 or 07513350702 to organise collection.

Here's a chance to rescue some beautiful girls and give them a better chance in a loving, caring home environment. Fantastic temperament, and rather entertaining, they love company and are great with small children.

A covered area outside, the size of a double bed for 4 ladies is quite sufficient, a dry area, with a roost (estimate a foot per lady though they do like to huddle up) and a nesting area, water available at all times and a good feed once a day with corn or layers pellets.