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Hillfarm Olive Mayonnaise



olive mayonnaise

If you’re a fan of the deep flavour of olives, prepare to become addicted to our cool and creamy olive mayonnaise, made with hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil and crushed black and green olives. 310g


We love olives here at hillfarm so we created this recipe for a quick and easy way to enjoy the taste we crave more often! 

Like our farmhouse mayonnaise, hillfarm olive mayonnaise is made with our cold pressed rapeseed oil and free-range eggs. The crushed black and green olives, basil and oregano in our recipe add a Mediterranean flavour to brighten up lunchtimes whatever the British weather is doing!

Delicious with ciabatta, cold deli meats and antipasti or spread in sandwiches, simple meals need never need be boring again! We’d also recommend it with salads, new and jacket potatoes, grilled or barbecued meat, fish, and vegetables – especially asparagus. 

Contains absolutely no artificial preservatives, colours or additives. 310g

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Suitable for vegetarians