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Hillfarm Salad Cream



traditional salad cream

Salad cream is a uniquely British product that has been gracing our plates for over 100 years. While the leading brand continues to use a recipe based around wartime austerity, our modern version proves how good salad cream can be with high quality ingredients! 410g


Hillfarm traditional salad cream is in a class of its own. While the leading brand’s bottles are pumped with water, sugar and food colouring (and very little egg), the three main ingredients in our salad cream are Hillfarm cold pressed rapeseed oil, vinegar and free-range egg yolks. 

Using real ingredients gives our salad cream a deeper, richer and more honest flavour. We just add a light touch of sugar, salt and mustard powder for flavour and a small amount of cornflour and water for consistency. And that’s it: 100% natural, 100% British. 

After one taste of our smooth and deeply tangy salad cream, you’ll never make do with another again! Serve with salads, sandwiches, boiled eggs, chips, fish or vegetables – or anything you fancy. 

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Suitable for vegetarians