Wholesale Enquiries

If you require fruit & vegetables in larger quantities we are here to help. We specialise in delivering the finest wholesale produce directly to your business. We work closely with our team of gardeners on our farm and if we don’t grow it ourselves we have a large network of local, national and international farmers available to us.

We pride ourselves on delivering on our promise to our customers with the freshest fruit and vegetables, giving the best taste possible.

We guarantee to ensure reusable, renewable and environmentally friendly packaging. We ask you to return all our delivery crates to us for reuse as we work towards zero plastic packaging.


Our Wholesale Benefits

  1. Quality
    • We visit the London markets at least twice per week and, if needed, also have access to them every day. We also buy locally throughout the week. The result of this is that our produce is always fresh and that we can source whatever is required for individual orders..
  2. Choice
    • We have access to a huge range of produce both locally and from the London markets. Where required we can offer items on an individual basis or offer split cases
  3. Value
    • Our pricing is locked in with the market rates, so our customers can get weekly price updates and are not tied in to set prices. We can also advise on the best value products depending on their seasonality.
  4. Service
    • Over the years we’ve developed strong relationships with our suppliers and producers and through this can pass on our understanding of their products¬† through to our customers. Much like our retail consumers, we’re driven to build long term and successful partnerships with our trade customers based on trust and a shared passion for produce.

For more information and to discuss quantities, prices and delivery options please call Mark on 07513 350702 or email info@fieldofdreamsfarm.co.uk