Firewood & Mulch

Sustainable Firewood

Mixed Seasoned Logs

Large crate of Oak, ash, a small amount pine, elm, silver birch and fruit logs available for local delivery.

The equivalent to two 1 tonne dump sacks.

100% Ready To burn

Local & Sustainable

£150 + local delivery fee

Smaller logs to fit log burners available on request. 

We can also deliver smaller amounts, please inquire for more info.

Mulch Chip

Air Dried Mulch

Mulch chip is perfect for flower beds, paths and play areas. This is air dried and has already had time to allow the natural acids to disperse.

Our mulch chip comes in 1 cubic tonne and is delivered in wheelie bins to ease your work load as we can normally deliver direct to your required area. 

protect plant roots

suppress weed growth

£35 + local delivery fee

Our mulch chip is available all year round and we always have stock for delivery or collection.

Delivery within a 10 mile radius of our farm in Thurston.

For more information and to discuss quantities, prices and delivery options please call the office on 07885 376197 or email